JTSA Sports provides the total sports architecture and recreation specialist team.   Whether renovating an existing facility, building a new complex, or developing a marketing package our team of sports professionals will take your Vision to Reality.

Our team of sports architects has designed projects from NCAA football stadiums to regional community parks.

Our designs are developed through a team effort, by assessing the users' needs and visions, then combining that information with our "hands on" sports construction experience.  The result is a custom sports facility, designed to be built to the specific needs of your athletes.

Our services include:  Sports planning, architecture,  construction and bidding packages, marketing packages, graphic design, and  construction administration.
JTSA SPORTS combines both Performance and Presentation to create the ultimate sports facility to showcase your team.

We believe performance is everything.  Our sports facilities are designed to bring out the highest performance level of your team.  Our fields, grandstands, scoreboards, lighting, courts, tracks, and training centers are the pinnacle combination of material and design performance.

At JTSA we feel performance doesn't just happen on the field of play, it is the total game experience and our Sport Architects'  designs go outside the field of play to create a total game-time experience for players and spectators alike.   Our facilities create the exciting atmosphere needed to make your complex stand out among the rest. 

From master plans to marketing packages, JTSA Sports planning team can help develop your team's plan for the future.

Our comprehensive feasibility plans evaluate every aspect of your  program and facilities potential.  Our master plans are developed to maximize your site while incorporating phased development to allow you to build in smart and successful steps.

Sports Facilities are very marketable.   Our team will help show you the marketing potential of your project and develop a marketing package which will intense potential donors.    Our Our marketing packages utilize the latest in photo-realism and 3D graphic modeling. With a JTSA Sports marketing package your donors will be able to  walk through your future site, step on the field, take a seat in the grandstands, and see how and where their advertisements and naming opportunities will be viewed.   

Our packages and custom web pages can bring your vision to each laptop and cell phone to help generate public support for your project by allowing your community to share in your vision, and see how this stadium will look and feel.   

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Performance is Everything
Sports and recreation facilities are the gateways to our communities and schools.  Its where we gather on Friday nights.  Its the first impression of your team, your school, your community.  

What kind of presentation is your facility making?

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Getting your project off the ground can be the hardest part.   JTSA Sports can help you generate the support and interest, your project needs to make your vision become a reality.