South Fayette Township, Pennsylvania
Cypress Wesleyan Church Sports Complex, Ohio
Municipal Complex

South Fayette Treveskyn Park is an example of a JTSA Sports Municipal Sports Park Master Plan.   The park was designed for master planned for competition level little league baseball and girls softball play.  This park combined sports with passive recreation to create a total community park.
Christian School Sports Complex

Cypress Wesleyan Church Sports Complex is an example of JTSA Sports' work with Christian Schools and Christian organizations.  Every view from within the CWC Sports Complex focuses on the Cross in the center of the park.  As the center and heart of the complex, all park elements lead to the Cross, reminding the athletes of the importance of faith in sports, athletics and life.
Brentwood Community Park, Pennsylvania
Grant Funded Master Plan

Brentwood Community Park Sports Complex is a JTSA Sports' example of a Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant funded master plan.  JTSA Sport's master plans provide a detailed analysis of the development and operations of the park.  Additionally, JTSA Sports' integrates its master plans into web-page formats to reach out and involve the total community. 
From master plans to marketing packages, JTSA Sports planning team can help develop your team's plan for the future.

Our comprehensive feasibility plans evaluate every aspect of your program and facilities potential. Our master plans are developed to maximize your site while incorporating phased development to allow you to build in smart and successful steps.

Sports Facilities are very marketable. Our team will help show you the marketing potential of your project and develop a marketing package which will intense potential donors. Our Our marketing packages utilize the latest in photo-realism and 3D graphic modeling. With a JTSA Sports marketing package your donors will be able to walk through your future site, step on the field, take a seat in the grandstands, and see how and where their advertisements and naming opportunities will be viewed.  

Our packages and custom web pages can bring your vision to each laptop and cell phone to help generate public support for your project by allowing your community to share in your vision, and see how this stadium will look and feel.

West Field Stadium and Field Renovations- Home of the Homestead Grays, Pennsylvania
West Field at William Knight Memorial Park, Munhall PA

As the result of an extremely generous donations by the William Campbell Foundation, and Mr. Campbell commitment to improvements of his home town, the renovation of the historic West Field had begun in 2015.  The stadium was the original home field for the Pittsburgh Grays baseball team.  The master plan was approved by the Campbell Foundation and the Borough of Munhall and went directly into construction documents and construction.  The hard work by Mr. Joe Ducard and Bill Rogers in the management of construction has seen this project through  in a very tight time schedule.  
Penn State University-  Greater Allegheny and Fayette Campuses, Pennsylvania
University Complexes

With the growth of the Commonwealth Campuses, Penn State and JTSA Sports master planned both the Greater Allegheny and Fayette Campuses for their increase development of their sports teams.  New baseball and softball fields complexes where designed for each school under two separate master plan projects.   
Penn State Fayette and JTSA Sports have since moved on to the construction of their campus fields. 
Performance Presentation
John Marshall School,  Monarchs Stadium, West Virginia
Monarch Stadium

When Marshall County Schools looked to renovate their existing facility, they soon realized the conditions required a complete demolition and a brand new start.   They began this process with a master plan and feasibility report to review options for this stadium and generate public support and school support for the project.   The master plan was developed in a team effort with the school and its staff and transformed over a summer till it achieved the balance of programming and price which was needed to begin the project and show the people of Marshal County their new home stadium.